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Meztigul 2 years ago
I think I would tell my daughter that it's totally normal for issues to come up in a relationship. How we handle those issues gives us a chance to work through things and build our relationships muscle/skills. I would tell her that it was part of growing up and that she was becoming such a great young woman (to which I'm sure she will roll her eyes but in 10 years she will fondly remember this moment - in my fantasy world at least.) I would tell her to just be honest, direct and authentic with her girlfriend. Because that's all you can do. And as long as you know you've been those things, whatever the out come of the situation, you'll be able to know that you were respectful to everyone involved and true to yourself. Even if it doesn't work out how you want. I would tell her that whatever happens, it's going to be okay.
Kigalrajas 2 years ago
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Shakanos 2 years ago
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